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The Thin Line between a Good and the Best CBSE school in Gurgaon

Top School in GurgaonThe pressure young children undergo in the name of competition, where everyone put their foot forward to score the highest in their CBSE exams. This tremendous pressure sometimes take a toll on delicate minds and results in defeating the purpose of it all, which was to attain an impressive scorecard in secondary and senior secondary level. Parents often feel that the type of schooling their child receives has a lot to do with how well they score. Therefore, as guardians they search the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon. But it is important to understand that all that glitters isn’t gold. Clean & shiny playgrounds, top-notch transport facility, excellent labs, use of latest technology in classroom aren’t always enough for students. Nothing can replace a traditional classroom, where a qualified and skilled teacher creates an engaging and interactive learning atmosphere.

Therefore, from quite a young age, students must be driven to focus on excellence rather than encourage them to take part in futile rat race, which won’t count in the long run. Parents often scare their children, that if you don’t score well in your CBSE, there is no place for you in any of the good colleges or universities that can guarantee a good job opportunity. However, that is not true. Students from reputed and recognized colleges and institutes in India are jobless today. This means that everything usually comes down your caliber and ability to survive in a fast-paced work environment. You must choose top schools in Gurgaon to make sure the best education is guaranteed.

Moreover, best public schools in Gurgaon are the ones that focus on achieving individual excellence, rather than putting futile emphasis on petty rat races.


Criteria for Searching the Top Schools of Gurgaon

School in GurgaonWhere to enroll your child for elementary and secondary education is perhaps the most important question you need to ask. In case you are a resident in Gurgaon and prefer to keep your child closer to home, top schools of Gurgaon offer excellent education. The decision of choosing the right school is crucial because an apt school has the capacity to map out their entire lives in an instant. It is up to your decision making skills and sound judgment which will help you put your child on the path of lifelong lucrative learning at the most prestigious colleges and universities. A successful education graph will open a wide range of opportunities for building a lucrative career.

Before you go ahead with a CBSE school in Gurgaon, you need to access them on the following criteria

Relationship between teacher and student is the key

There must be an instant connection between your child and the teacher. You want a preschool and elementary educational environment must be filled with love and care similar to the one your child is accustomed to at home. By building a cognitive learning atmosphere, you must find a school where your child has no trouble spending majority of his or her day.

Choose a school where they focus more on quality learning rather than standardized test scores

You will find many schools in Gurgaon, where the comprehensive test scores are high. Therefore, this will appeal to any parent who wants their child to have a good future in terms of career. However, our education system has come out of the abyss of the grading system. Now, the focus is more on quality of learning, honing a child’s analytical ability and engaging their keep insight into intellectual thinking, rather than merely running after numbers.