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Consequence of Poor Nutrition during Early Children and Schooling Age

Early childhood, School in Gurgaonparticularly school-age years of a child are momentous in establishing various habits, for instance eating choices and exercising. These habits generally stick with them their entire lives. Thus, the need for children to develop healthy eating habits has become obvious. If children establish healthy dietary habits, the risk of chronic diseases is diminished remarkably. Whereas, poor nutritional habits and lack of physical activity set the stage for chronic health problems that can prove detrimental during adulthood and old age.

Responsible parenting encompasses assertive and informed parents making every effort possible to provide their child a healthy and disease free lifestyle. This primarily includes a healthy and nutritive diet. A school and its facilities play a crucial role in providing a well-rounded and nutritive diet to children. Children have become prone to obesity owing to lack of proper nutrition in a school. Although, primary overweight issues and obesity is genetic factors, but lack of proper physical activity and unhealthy eating habits contributes to obesity.

When even the best public schools in Gurgaon cannot support facilities that cannot provide a healthy and nutritive diet of children, then as parents you need to reconsider your choice of school. Gurgaon is home to many facility rich schools where physical activity and nutrition are treated as the core aspects of every student’s education and all rounded development.

Thus, the best school in Gurgaon for instance Meenakshi Public School has made provisions for students so that a healthy diet and activity level can be maintained for each student.


Simplifying School Hunting in Gurgaon

School Gurgaon

Parents often wonder if their child studies at the best school in Gurgaon. They are often in search of the definition of the best teacher; the best school the best facilities. After countless studies and research, experts have determined that there is no one precise definition of the perfect school, there are many.

In broad terms, here are three main characteristics of a good school in Gurgaon.

First, a good school is an open school. This means a school should have wide open space for a children to discover and wander. Besides academics, schools must focus on invigorating traits like leadership, interactive skills, communicative skills, and more.

Second, a good school is an honest school. This means that a school will show as it is. It won’t try to hide or conceal if it were malicious at the root. The school, administrative staff, teachers, and the rest will be genuine and not try to hide or exhibit as something they are not.

Third, a good school that where teachers and the administration put their work and their students ahead of themselves.

In addition, facilities at a school cannot be bargained at any cost. A school must have a sanitary room, clean and hygienic eating area, a separate are for putting the trash, a clinic or medicine cabinet and first aid box. Overall, the teachers and the staff together must work to provide a carefree, positive and stress-free environment. Kids must be able to have fun in class and identify with the school as a place to learn.

Criteria for Searching the Top Schools of Gurgaon

School in GurgaonWhere to enroll your child for elementary and secondary education is perhaps the most important question you need to ask. In case you are a resident in Gurgaon and prefer to keep your child closer to home, top schools of Gurgaon offer excellent education. The decision of choosing the right school is crucial because an apt school has the capacity to map out their entire lives in an instant. It is up to your decision making skills and sound judgment which will help you put your child on the path of lifelong lucrative learning at the most prestigious colleges and universities. A successful education graph will open a wide range of opportunities for building a lucrative career.

Before you go ahead with a CBSE school in Gurgaon, you need to access them on the following criteria

Relationship between teacher and student is the key

There must be an instant connection between your child and the teacher. You want a preschool and elementary educational environment must be filled with love and care similar to the one your child is accustomed to at home. By building a cognitive learning atmosphere, you must find a school where your child has no trouble spending majority of his or her day.

Choose a school where they focus more on quality learning rather than standardized test scores

You will find many schools in Gurgaon, where the comprehensive test scores are high. Therefore, this will appeal to any parent who wants their child to have a good future in terms of career. However, our education system has come out of the abyss of the grading system. Now, the focus is more on quality of learning, honing a child’s analytical ability and engaging their keep insight into intellectual thinking, rather than merely running after numbers.