Tips for Parents Searching the Best School in Gurgaon

 Public Schools in Gurgaon

Parents whose children aren’t able to get admission in a CBSE school in Gurgaon are showing inclination towards ICSE board schools. As a parent, you must be able to differentiate between a private and a public school, then there are some basics you need to learn, especially if you are preparing your first child for school.

If you are one of those parents, you have started filling up admissions forms of both CBSE as well as ICSE certified schools for their fast growing-up children, then there are things you must consider before finalizing simply any school. There is an increase in the level of competitiveness. A parent must realize that, if they want the best school for their child, they should equip themselves with the latest knowledge and information. Here are some pointers for first time parents to shortlist the best school in Gurgaon.

  • The average class size in an urban public school can is as large as 25-30 students or even more, whereas, the class size in a private school ranges from 15-20 students per class. Class size, irrespective of if it’s a private or public schools in Gurgaon, is perhaps the most important determinant in choosing the best kind of schools for your child. In fact, in many private schools, there are even electives with fewer students; thus your child will get personal or individual attention.
  • Schools in Gurgaon may or may not do a good job at preparing their students for graduate studies or higher education.
  • Private schools offer a host of after school specials, extracurricular activities, such as drama, theatre, music, etc. to their students.

Now, build a strong future for your child with the best schooling, teachers, facilities at their disposal.


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